Steps for availing Consultation/ Services on Mr Solvo

  • Customer/ User visits the Website, browses the categories and selects the desired service.
  • Review profiles of registered Service Providers approved by Mr Solvo’s Evaluators.
  • Reviews Services, Pricing, Profile, Portfolio, Experience & Expertise of a Service Provider.
  • Either “Ask for a Quote” from the Service Providers for desired work/ services OR directly book Consultation/ Services on the basis of the specified charges.
  • For a query sent, get response from Service Provider on the quote and take the decision to book the Service/ Consultation.
  • Make payment for the desired service. Payment is withheld with MrSolvo and Service Provider is not credited the payment unless delivery is completed. Your payment & delivery is secured by PayShield & rank equalizer system of Mr Solvo.
  • Provider is not credited the payment unless delivery is completed. Your payment & delivery is secured by PayShield & rank equalizer system of MrSolvo.
  • On booking of Services/ Consultation, get confirmation from the Service Provider on the scheduling of the Consultation or delivery of Services.
  • Get Consultation & delivery of Services.
  • Rate the Service Provider on the basis of your satisfaction with the Consultation/ Service delivered.
  • In case of cancellation or no delivery by the Service Provider get full amount credited back to your wallet/ account.
  • For any delivery issues, our customer care & resolution team will help you.
Service Providers (Registration, approval & listings)
  • Professionals, Businesses & Freelancers can get new Clients and payments from all over India and across the Globe for providing expert online Consultation and Services.
  • Service Providers need to Register by creating their Profile, specifying Services, Charges and need to submit few basic KYC documents for approval. Register as Service Provider.
  • Service Providers should fill the form very diligently as customers review these Details, Services, Pricing and English Grammar before taking the decision of opting for your Consultation/ Services. Also, information should not be misleading, manipulative or false as it will hinder the approval as well.
  • All submissions are approved by Mr Solvo’s evaluators (check eligibility criteria’s for various categories) who will normally call the Service Provider to discuss and suggest improvements to their Profile, expertise Offerings, Charges etc.
  • Registration can be for free (with small share of revenue going to MrSolvo as service fee) or it can be for small monthly charges (which enables boosting of profile rank and reduced service fees).
  • In case of no delivery or delivery much below committed standards, payment will be refunded back to the customer. In case of dispute regarding delivery, our issue resolution team will review and try to resolve the issue and their decision will be final and binding on all.
  • Service Provider are credited with the amount paid by the Customer upon completion of delivery, after deducting MrSolvo’s service fee (as per free/ paid plan terms) and TCS of 1%.
  • Withdrawal of payment by Service Providers is at will for first 3 payments and then a minimum of INR 2000/- at a time.
  • Ranking of Service Provider Profiles in a Category- Profiles in a category are ranked on the basis of overall relevancy, number of relevant services created & score/ boosting points of the Service Provider.
Customers (Getting Consultation/ availing of Services)
  • Businesses and Individuals can find experts from over 3000 categories to provide Consultation, Training, Retainership, Counselling and Services. (assignment or hourly based).
  • Profile, expertise, experience and charges of Service Providers are visible upfront on the category listing page, facilitating fast, easy and informed decision making for hiring expert Consultant/ Service Provider.
  • In case a customer wants to keep their identity confidential, they can simply keep their username different than their real name. Service Provider is not provided with your real name/ mobile no. or email etc.
Pricing, Quotes and Payments
  • Service Providers normally specify their charges upfront for Consultation and Services. In other cases, customer can seek quotation against their specific needs/ assignment by using “Get a Quote option”. Once charges for an assignment are mutually agreed, payment option for the agreed charges will be created by the Service Provider.
  • Payments by customers are made in advance but payments to Service Providers are credited only once Consultation/ Service is delivered, ensuring security of both parties. In case of long duration services, installment option may be provided by the Service Provider
  • In case of no delivery no delivery, payment will be refunded back to the customer in part/ full as the case may be. In case of Dispute regarding delivery, our issue resolution team will review and try to resolve the issue and their decision will be final and binding on all.
Process of Online Consultation & Delivery of Services:
  • All Service/ Quotes related messaging before payment will be done through the messaging system of Mr Solvo. All telephonic/ video chats at the time of consultation or providing of services will be done through MrSolvo’s platform. Intermediary and final work too, will be shared through this platform only.
  • All Consultation, Training and Services are delivered online and direct communication outside of MrSolvo’s platform is not permissible. Sharing of contact details via message, call or on video chat can lead to blacklisting of Service Provider and Customer on MrSolvo’s platform. However, for long delivery or high value contracts, MrSolvo may at its discretion share the contact details of Service Provider and Customer with each other, to facilitate easier and faster communication. Though even in such cases, completion of service delivery and further payments needs to be made through MrSolvo’s platform. Also, no external contracts can be entered into by the Customer and Service Provider and the same must be done through MrSolvo for all future requirements.
  • MrSolvo does not endorse any of the Service Provider and is not a party to any contract between the Customer/ User and Service Provider. They serve as independent identities, whereby MrSolvo only provides a platform to connect the Customers and Service Providers. Also, MrSolvo has no role in the execution or provision of Services and hence, does not warrant the quality of their service and does not owe the liability/ responsibility of the benefit/ loss that may happen due to the Consultation/ Service provided by them. So, any decision to avail the Services/Consultation of any Service Provider must be taken diligently and after thorough analysis, review and evaluation. However, MrSolvo ensures the customer against non-delivery whereby full amount paid by the customer is credited back in such case.
  • Please check detailed Terms & Conditions for further clarity.