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Steps for availing consultation/ services on MrSolvo
  1. Customer/ user visits the website, browse categories and select the desired service.
  2. Review profiles of registered Service Providers approved.
  3. Review services, pricing, profile, portfolio, experience & expertise of a Service Provider.
  4. Either ask for a quote from the Service Providers for desired work/ services OR directly book consultation/ services on the basis of the specified charges.
  5. For a query sent, get response from Service Provider on the quote and take the decision to book the service/ consultation.
  6. Make payment for the desired service. Payment is withheld with MrSolvo and Service
  7. Provider is not credited the payment unless delivery is completed. Your payment & delivery is secured by PayShield & rank equalizer system of MrSolvo.
  8. On booking of services/ consultation, get confirmation from the Service Provider on the schedule of the consultation or delivery of services.
  9. Get consultation & delivery of services.
  10. Rate the Service Provider on the basis of your satisfaction with the consultation/ service delivered.
  11. In case of cancellation or no delivery by Service Provider get full amount credited back to your wallet/ account.
  12. For any delivery issues, our customer care & resolution team will help you.
Service Providers (Registration, approval & listings)
Customers (Getting consultation/ availing of Services)
Pricing, Quotes and Payments
Process of Online Consultation & Delivery of Services: