Privacy Policy

Mukul Consultants India Pvt. Ltd. (MCIPL) with its venture believes in and has been widely renowned for its highest standards of ethical values, professionalism & trustworthiness. We are committed to securing the privacy of each of our users, the information that they provide, and the transactions that happen on

“You” and “your” used in this privacy policy may mean and include all users who use the website or users who avail the services or service providers as the context may be.

This Privacy Policy applies to the collection, receipt, storage, usage, processing, display, transfer, and security (i.e., Utilization) of your Personal Information. When You use or transact on, you are automatically assumed to have consented to such collection, storage, & use of your personal information as per this privacy policy.

How and what personal information do we collect: We collect your following personal information in the ways listed below: -
  • Information that you share voluntarily: when you want to register as Service Provider, you are required to share certain information which includes but is not limited to- your name, mobile number, alternate number, gender, email id, address, username, your experience, expertise, services that you propose to offer and their respective charges, your preferred timing for providing services, your major qualifications, languages known, status, your company or profession name, detailed profile along with website & LinkedIn URL, your billing information etc. For verification purpose, You are also required to share a photo, photo id & document to confirm your professional qualification and status. You are also required to share your GST number and GST certificate for billing & taxation purposes. You are also required to share your bank details to enable payment withdrawal by you. When a user wants to interact with any Service Provider or when a user wants to avail any services on the platform, they are required to furnish the information like name, mobile no., gender, username, email id, Gmail or Facebook id and their associated information, billing information, details of services or consultation required, documents of varied nature that are required to facilitate or provide a variety of services of different nature each having specific need of documents, media or information etc. which may be related to an individual or their company or profession or work. We also receive and collate information which user submit like comments, suggestions, ratings, images, videos etc., under varied sections of the website voluntarily.
  • We also keep records of all exchange of data, information, messaging, chats & transactions (to the extent required) on and through the platform. However, video & voice chats may be recorded only if user explicitly requests for the same to facilitate the quality check and issue resolution.
  • We also use Information collected via cookies and similar software and information shared by reputed third parties like payment gateways, Google, Amazon etc. Here gathered information include information about your computer or devices used to access the website, browsers, internet connection, IP Address, demographics, your usage information like booking history, transactions done, activity on the platform, time spent, number of page view, clicks etc. we also collect partial data related to your Debit/ Credit Cards and UPI from the payment gateways for the purpose of tracking received orders, rejected orders, cancellations, refunds etc.
How do we use the collected information:

The information we collect is used in accordance with the law for the purpose of running the website offering and delivering of services, enhancement, development and security of website & business including but not limited to the following purposes:

  • displaying the profile and expertise of Service Providers so as to enable easy decision-making by customers who want to avail their services.
  • for verification & approval of Service Provider’s profile and credentials
  • for adhering to taxation, legal and other Government regulations.
  • To register a service provider or a user.
  • for making communication possible between users, customers, service providers and Mr Solvo’s team.
  • Scheduling and re-scheduling calls and chats
  • Enabling billing and transactions on the website
  • Enabling availing of services, training, consultation and to coordinate orders and their execution through the platform.
  • For issues and disputes resolution
  • to keep you updated on any changes, offers, order status, and schedules or to align your activities in accordance with the website’s working and guidelines and to get completed any pending information
  • to improve your experience on the website and transactions therein
  • To facilitate our marketing, promotion and business decisions and strategies
  • To safeguard all information from fraud and to ensure that the integrity of the platform is maintained.
  • Improvement of the website and availability of services on it
  • To effectively respond to all customer requests, issues, and concerns
  • to make or process payments and refunds
  • maintenance, upgradation, testing, data analysis, and security of the website
  • to defend or respond to or to adhere to any legal terms, govt. regulations, notices, compliances, court orders etc.
  • for any other purpose which may be necessary or required for the successful running of the website, providing of services on it, protection of interest of users, customers, third parties, service providers and Mr Solvo’s team and to improve upon the business model etc. does not disclose the personal information of the users for marketing purposes to any third party.

How Information is Stored and Secured:

  • The security of users personal information is high on our priority and all data is securely stored on the cloud server. We also implement many internal and technical controls and measures to safeguard and restrict access to data and personal information to prevent theft, misuse, alteration or unauthorized access. However, in the scenario of today’s vibrant environment, the ever-new emerging technologies and increasing unethical practices, It may not be possible to secure the data 100%.
  • The registered users of the services of can modify certain personal information or account information by accessing their account. The user must inform if any of the account data is stolen, lost or used without permission.
Use and access of the platform by children:
  • Mr Solvo’s platform is available for users of 18 years & above. However, minors between the age of 13 to 18 years who wants to avail services of any service provider on Mr Solvo’s platform or if they want to offer their own services on the platform, they should do so, through their parent or guardian’s account under their consent.
  • Mr Solvo does not intend to or knowingly collect any personal information from children below the age of 13.
  • only with the consent provided by their legal guardians. They may also do so under the supervision of their legal guardians or parents.
  • The legal guardians or parents of a minor in accordance with the terms and conditions may use the services of on behalf of the minor. Any information provided by the guardian on behalf of their minor child will be treated as personal information as otherwise provided herein.

Updates and Changes in Privacy Policy

  • This privacy policy may be changed and updated without notice.

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