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Grow your Professional, business or freelance income without any investment or efforts.

  • Direct Clients & Orders from across India/ Globe (not just Queries/ Leads)

  • Option to create Online Consultation, Service, Multipack & Long Term/ Monthly Offerings.

  • Less competition as we selectively approve only quality Service Providers.

  • No initial cost, only small service fee charged against orders.

  • No Bidding - No Contesting

  • No need to apply or follow up against Company postings.

  • Intelligent platform enabling you too create detailed offerings, inclusions and limits without much effort in just few minutes.

  • Profile & Pricing for each type of Service specified upfront enabling quick decision, payment and order by Companies/ Clients.

  • Dedicated small website for all Service Providers, showcasing their Detailed Profile, Services, Pricing and Portfolio.

  • Advance payment collection from customers and at will withdrawal by Service providers post-delivery.

  • User-friendly interactive platform with online call, video chat & advanced communication options.

  • Fair & Justified terms for both Clients and Service Providers.

  • All fixed Contracts, so no ambiguity in calculation of hours of work.

  • Platform is intended to follow high level of Business consciousness and Ethical standards.