Service Provider Terms & Conditions

Mr Solvo’s motive is that professionals and freelancers provide expert, early and best possible solutions and services to individuals and corporates for all their business, IT and personal needs. Mr Solvo does not expect its Service Providers to persuade customers to visit them personally or to delay or prolong a solution to encash people’s fear, Trauma, circumstances or lack of knowledge to enhance their immediate or repeated earnings. However, highest level of customer satisfaction is the key to long term growth and higher revenues on the platform. Professionals who can align their ideology and values with that of Mr Solvo are most welcome to register as Service Provider and be a part of Mr Solvo’s Community.

Submission of Service Provider Profile for Registration

Guidelines for submission of Service Provider Profile

  1. Submitted profile must not be misleading, exaggerated or fraudulent in any respect, including but not limited to the experience, expertise, accomplishments, qualifications etc.
  2. Portfolio must be genuine and of your own work.
  3. Submitted profile must not include brand or company or profession name or the contact details of the Service Provider.
  4. Submitted identity and capability documents must be genuine and not fake.
  5. A Service Provider must not over commit service deliverables to attract customers, which the service provider will not be able to deliver or justify or which can lead to questioning the delivery versus commitment.
  6. A Service Provider must not add his/her profile to any category in which he/she has knowledge only and not good experience or expertise (except those allowed under eligibility criteria).
  7. A Service Provider should try to provide enough details, inclusions, exclusions and limits etc against every pricing option. So as to avoid confusion/ ambiguity.
  8. A submitted profile must not be Incomplete, poorly drafted or too short.
  9. Profile must not contain any kind of profanity, abusive, unlawful or pornographic content.
  10. Profile must not try to sell adult, illegal or unlawful services.
  11. A profile must not violate or attempt to violate the integrity or security of Mr Solvo’s website or its contents.
  12. A professional practitioner must be duly qualified and licensed to do practice. Professional must ensure that all the laws that govern the Practitioner are followed and due care and caution is being taken in terms of the consultation/ services being provided.

Service Provider profile must not lead to conflict of interest or promote their own product, business or website

  1. The profile must not contain links to any external website or social media profile pages etc. It must also not promote any competitor website; job post or any other content which are against Mr Solvo’s business interest.
  2. The profile must not contain any kind of HTML or JavaScript.
  3. The profile must not endorse or acknowledge or credit a third-party Service Provider directly connected with your profile or offered services.
  4. A Service Provider must not try spamming or any phishing attempt to publish or send malicious content to the system of any other user of Mr Solvo, with the intent to gain access to another computer system, bank accounts or email ID’s, etc.

You agree that the submitted profile and details are submitted on a non-proprietary and non- confidential basis. You are also aware that a professional who is normally bound to maintain confidentiality under the law with his/her client (i.e., a doctor or a lawyer, etc) not be extended to Mr Solvo ,as it is a facilitation platform for the service provider and to the customer.

You confirm that the profile submitted by you does not infringe any patent, trademark, copyright, or other proprietary rights; You confirm that you have all the rights to the submitted content, data, portfolio, and details and that you authorize, represent, warrant and grant the right to Mr Solvo a perpetual, non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, license to link to, use, reproduce, display, re-format, distribute or disseminate the shared content, for the purpose, promotion, and business of the website as it is or in any other media format.

Choosing Plan, its Upgradation & Cancellation

  1. A Service Provider has an option to register their profile for free or they can choose a paid plan for reducing Mr Solvo’s service fee, improve ranking in profile listings and for faster approval.
  2. A plan once chosen cannot be downgraded during its validity period. However, it can be upgraded any time after approval or boosting points may be added to the Service Provider’s profile for possible improvement in ranking in the listing. However, such upgradation will further require approval of Mr Solvo’s evaluators and such upgradation may be denied in which case, amount paid for upgradation will be refunded in full.
  3. As free plans are easily available for all Service Providers, Cancellation or Refund is not permissible, against the purchased paid plans or purchase of extra boosting points. However, a Service Provider may choose to deactivate or delete his/ her profile from Mr Solvo’s platform.
  4. Mr Solvo does not guarantee any number of orders against any Service Provider’s profile irrespective of the selection of free or a paid plan. The selection of a service provider is solely dependent upon the customer’s choice.

Registration & approval

  1. A profile submitted by the Service Provider may be edited by Mr Solov’s evaluation team, to improvise, to rectify errors or grammatical mistakes, and to remove the objectionable content. In case of Breach or non-adherence to the submission of profile clauses, a profile may be suspended or it may be removed from the platform permanently.
  2. Service Provider’s Cooperation and active participation on the call is required at the time of review and evaluation of the submitted profile, for its improvisation, expertise alignment and approval.
  3. Profile of a Service Provider is made live on the website only after due review, prima facie verification of submitted documents and final approval. Documents collected from the Service Provider are solely used for the purpose of review and identity check of the Service Provider. It is neither used for any other purpose nor shared with any user or any third party for any purpose. Such documents may further be used in case of any legal dispute or any court orders, if required.
  4. Mr Solvo reserves the right to disapprove or remove any submitted profile in accordance with the specified eligibility criteria or on the basis of the assessment of the evaluator or for any other reason as may be deemed fit at its sole discretion with or without assigning any reasons.
  5. A certain number of boosting points are allocated to each Service Provider by Mr Solvo’s evaluator’s at their sole discretion. Evaluators at Mr Solvo have been provided a set of instructions and guidelines on allocation of boosting points to each Service Provider. Basis of such allocation of points cannot be revealed and is non-challengeable.
  6. Approval time: Normally a submitted profile will be approved before the timelines specified under each plan though, such timeline may be exceeded or delayed under some special or compelling circumstances.
  7. Service Providers must add their GST number and attach certificate in case their annual turnover exceeds INR. 20 lakhs or if they intend to offer any product or service through Mr. Solvo platform which attracts GST.
  8. Upon registration, a Service Provider allows and permit Mr Solvo to send email/SMS/WhatsApp or to make a call regarding received/ pending orders, reminders for received orders, scheduling of consultation, delivery issues, completion/ updating of the profile, received reviews etc.
  9. Service Providers may at any time edit, delete, update listings or buy additional boosting points to improve their ranking in the category listings.
  10. Service Providers may link back to their profile on Mr Solvo from their personal Social Media accounts to gain additional service or consultation assignments.
  11. Mr Solvo reserves the right to disapprove payment from any Service Provider for boosting his profile. Though, it may approve Service Provider under free plan, at its sole discretion. If disapproved payment if any received from the Service Provider will be refunded in full.

Listing, Ranking & Boosting of Service Provider’s Profile

Profile of a Service Provider appear in the category listings and in relevant search results normally after it has been reviewed, verified and approved by Mr Solvo’s evaluator. of Service Provider’s profile increase or decrease on the basis of the following parameters:

Profiles of service providers in a category are ranked on the basis of their overall relevancy, number of relevant services created by them and their Boosting points. The Boosting points of a Service Provider, increase or decrease on the basis of the following parameters:
  1. Plan chosen by the Service Provider and its associated boosting points (yearly plans have higher boosting points and Service Provider may purchase extra boosting points from their dashboard anytime).
  2. Points assigned by Mr Solvo’s evaluator on the basis of over 10 parameters including experience, expertise, no. of services & pricing options created, presentation of submitted profile, communication skills & value addition, the profile of the Service Provider is expected to offer etc. Such assessment is at the sole discretion of Mr Solvo’s evaluator and is non-challengeable. This is done to provide best possible experts to our customers for all search categories & specializations.
  3. Being Online on MrSolvo v/s No Login or Inactivity for a long duration.
  4. Non-delivery or rejection/ refunds against orders.
  5. Positive or negative ratings assigned to the Service Provider by the customer who avails their services.
  6. Any other factor which may be deemed fit for best quality of results and responsiveness of the Service Provider on the category listing page in the interest of the customers.

Application & eligibility for extra boosting will be reviewed and approved by Mr Solvo’s evaluator and in case of non-approval full amount paid by the Service Provider will be refunded. Mr Solvo’s evaluators will have sole discretion to approve or disapprove boosting of any profile. Though a Service Provider may request for a second review.

Ranking algorithm of Mr Solvo is non-challengeable and it may be reviewed & revised anytime. Mr Solvo will also not be responsible for any increase or decrease in the ranking of a profile due to any of the above factors or due to any revision to such algorithm. Mr Solvo is not liable to explain or justify ranking of a profile or its upliftment or dissent.

A profile may be deactivated due to long inactivity or continued/ regular non-responsiveness to customer orders or queries on Mr Solvo.or for any other valid reason(s) solely at the discretion of Mr. Solvo. However, a profile may be reinstated on request and review.

Delivery, Communication, Payments & Refunds

  1. Mr Solvo’s motive as highlighted on the top of these terms & conditions expect certain ideology and values to be followed by Service Providers including but not limited to:
    • Service Provider should take up assignments only in which they can provideexpert consultation & services.
    • Service Provider should provide early and best possible solutions online. Customers or Clients must not be persuaded to meet the Service Provider personally (within objective to enhance earnings or repeated revenues) unless it is extremely necessary.
    • Service Provider must not delay or prolong provision of solution to encash customer’s fear, circumstances, urgency or lack of knowledge to enhance their immediate or repeated earnings.

    No direct connect with the customers to avoid Mr Solvo’s Service Fee,

  2. Service Provider must not share their contact details or try other ways for direct interaction with the customer to avoid Mr Solvo’s service fee. All interaction must be through Mr Solvo’s messaging, Video & Voice chat platform except in case of:
    • Services that require personal visit
    • For long delivery or high value contracts, MrSolvo may at its sole discretion share the contact details of Service Provider and Customer with each other, to facilitate easier and faster communication. Though even in such cases, completion of service delivery and further payments needs to be made through MrSolvo’s platform. Also, no external contracts can be entered into by the Customer and Service Provider and the same must be done through MrSolvo for all future requirements.
    • If approved by Mr Solvo’s team for any specific reason, in written.
    • For any other reason specified in this contract elsewhere.
  3. Service Provider must not mention a Company name or Brand name or a link to a third- party website from which Users/ Customers may obtain the Services directly.
  4. Service Provider must not offer discount/ attractions to provide services out of the platform.
  5. Service Provider must not solicit Customers to make cash payment or use other payment methods not specifically permitted on this platform


Communication & Interaction on the Platform

  • All communication with the customers must be done through Mr Solvo’s Video/ voice chat and messaging platform.
  • Proper behaviour and conduct must be observed during any such interaction with the customer.
  • Abuse, disrespect, profanity, obscenity, racism, harassment, defamation, pornography is strictly prohibited on the platform.
  • Selling of adult, illegal or unlawful services are strictly prohibited on the platform.
  • Phishing, spam, intrusion, infusion of virus/ malware/ ransomware attacks on systems of other users/ customers or into Mr Solvo’s server is not only prohibited but is dealt with strictly as a criminal offence.
  • Service provider is suppose to contact Mr Solvo team through official communication channels only preferably by raising tickets or via official contact details specified on the site, As it may delay the execution and create other complications for which Mr. Solvo will not be responsible.

  • Breach of the above clauses can lead to blacklisting of the Service Provider, besides resorting to other appropriate legal measures by the customer and Mr Solvo’s legal team.

Queries, Orders and Delivery

  1. A Service Provider is notified of any orders or consultation requests and queries in their dashboard. The same notification is also sent to their mobile via WhatsApp and Email.
  2. All queries and requests for a quote must be replied back on urgent priority as delay in replying may result in loss of interests of the customer in booking a service or consultation. Reply must be decent and if customer is to be denied a particular order it must be done decently and professionally.
  3. Prompt review & confirmation of received orders is required, lest a customer withdraws an order due to delay in confirmation. Confirmation of all orders must be done after thorough understanding and review of the order, work and efforts involved, possible delivery time etc. If work and efforts involved are substantially higher than expected for an offering, a Service Provider may request revision and of additional charges or alternatively he/she may cancel an order. Similarly, if expected delivery time seems to be higher, a Service Provider must get the extension approved by the Customer to avoid any conflict at a later date.
  4. A Service Provider must try to complete the delivery of orders on time. Delay in execution of orders can lead to cancellation or withdrawal of order by the customer and the same may result in refund with no amount being credited to the Service Provider. It will also lead to reduction in your boosting points, resulting in lower ranking on the platform. As such, Service Provider should specify a little longer delivery time in the service offerings section and should take written approval of the customer beforehand, if a Service Provider foresees an extension in the delivery time.
  5. Strict adherence to scheduled consultation timing is required and any change in the same due to any urgencies must be notified to the customer well in advance. Likewise, any time change request of the customer must be responded to and accepted on a priority basis. Not attending scheduled meetings can not only lead to the cancellation of an order, consequent refund, and reduction of your profile ranking, but also removal of your profile from the platform in case of repeated or such multiple instances.
  6. Service Provider should make their profile inactive for the period they are not available to deliver the services rather than cancelling the received orders which would deteriorate their ranking on the platform.
  7. A Service Provider must not deliver substandard services or services that are different from the one’s that are committed or delivery that is delayed beyond the time committed in their service offering details. A Service Provider must not accept an order in case he/she cannot deliver quality services against the order or if they have little or no knowledge on the subject of the consultation desired or if they expect that the delivery may take much longer than committed. Non-delivery or delayed delivery or substandard delivery of services or consultation may lead to a full refund of the payment to the customer with no credit to the Service Provider. Further such instances will lead to lowering of boosting points resulting in lower ranking of their profile in the category results. As such, inclusions, exclusions, limits and delivery time should be clearly specified while creating their service offerings.
  8. In case a customer books a service or consultation by mistake or due to some misunderstanding and he/ she intends to withdraw the service request before delivery, full refund of the payment received will be made to the customer and the Service Provider will not be credited for such received order.
  9. Mr Solvo is an online platform and it is strongly recommended to provide consultation and solutions online. A customer must not be persuaded for a personal visit unless it is extremely necessary.
  10. Cancellation of an order after acceptance is not a welcome practice on Mr Solvo’s platform and must be avoided. Unless, there is an extreme emergency or if there is a strong valid reason any such cancellation must be done at the earliest so as to minimize the customer’s loss. Such cancellation would result in lowering of boosting points and consequent ranking of the Service Provider. 0Such multiple incidences can lead to blacklisting of the Service Provider from Mr Solvo’s platform.
  11. Cancellation of an order involving personal visit especially if it is connected to some event or programme where it can lead to substantial damage or loss to the customer, it may result in blacklisting of a profile of the Service Provider, if no emergency situation is proved to the issue resolution team.
  12. On completion of delivery, a Service Provider is expected to follow general business norms in terms of revision or corrections in the work delivered whether a Service Provider has committed such revisions or corrections within the details of the offering or not. Customer satisfaction must always be kept high on priority for success as a Service provider on Mr Solvo. However extra payment may be requested for, from the customer if he/she changes the original requirement itself, substantially.
  13. Issue & its resolution – A Service Provider or customer may raise a concern ticket regarding an order, scheduling of consultation, delivery, payment, cancellation or refund etc. Such issues will be examined by issue resolution team of Mr Solvo, who would make their decision on the basis of guidelines provided to them, facts & evidences available, business norms and in the light of terms & conditions of customers & Service Providers. Their decision will be final & binding for both the parties.
  14. Personal services and shipping of goods & services

    1. While most of the services on Mr Solvo are delivered online, few services require personal presence of the Service Provider or shipping of some specific products like – software’s, paintings etc. In such cases, travelling charges or shipping charges should be included in the offerings and service details should mention that such cost is included in the specified charges.
    2. Service Provider will be solely responsible for such trips & shipping arrangements, its associated costs & risks. Mr Solvo does not handle or manage the shipments, their tracking or delivery and shall not be responsible or liable for any damages or other issues arising out of such arrangement between service providers and the customers .
    3. Completed Delivery – On successful completion of delivery of consultation or service or training request, a service provider is required to mark the concerned order as delivered. On such marking, a notification is sent to the customer that the service provider has marked the order as completed and he/ she may confirm the same or in case the customer has any issue or concerns regarding the successful completion of the delivery, he/ she should raise the concern ticket within 3 days of such marking. If customer confirms the delivery or does not raise any concern within 3 days, delivery is taken as completed and service provider is credited with the payment in his wallet after deduction of Mr Solvo’s service fee & TCS(Tax) of 1%. In case a concern ticket is raised, payment credit is held back till the resolution of the ticket/ issue.

Payment Credit, Refund & Withdrawal

  1. For any booking on Mr Solvo, a customer makes the payment upfront against the charges quoted by the Service Provider. The amount is first received by Mr Solvo till the successful completion of the delivery as explained in the preceding para, after which the invoice of the service provider is generated for the customer and payment is credited to the wallet of the Service Provider, after deducting Mr Solvo’s applicable service fee + GST & TCS(Tax) of 1%.
  2. Service Provider explicitly agrees that Mr Solvo will initially collect the payment from the customers, in Mr Solvo’s account while the billing to the customer will be in the name of Service Provider. The payment to the Service Provider will be credited in their wallet only after successful completion of delivery and after deduction of Mr Solvo’s service fee + GST & TCS.
  3. Service Providers are solely responsible for determining their own tax reporting requirements, legalities & obligations and that Mr Solvo does not offer any service in this regard or tax advice. Mr Solvo is also not responsible for any tax omissions, errors, discrepancies or defaults by the Service Provider. A Service Provider is solely responsible for its own income tax liabilities & obligations therein.
  4. A Service provider must specify their GST Number in case they have one, All Service Providers are required to obtain GST Numbers as soon as they exceed the threshold limit specified for such registration. Mr Solvo will not be responsible for any GST defaults at the end of the Service Provider like non – registration, non – payment, non – filling of returns, any omissions, discrepancies etc. Service Provider will solely be responsible for such defaults and Mr Solvo will not be made party to any such omissions or defaults.
  5. From all payments made to the Service Provider, a Tax Collection at Source (TCS) of 1% will be deducted as per the current government regulations.
  6. A service provider can withdraw amount in their wallet anytime for the first 3 orders. However, minimum withdrawal limit will be INR. 2000 for 4th order onwards .
  7. Mr Solvo service fee is as per the plan chosen by the service provider (Currently 6 to18%, which is subject to change at the time of renewal of the plan). GST is added to such service fee. For Example: If total amount received from a customer is INR. 2500 & applicable service fee of Mr Solvo is 6%, then 6% of INR. 2500 i.e. INR. 150 + GST of INR. 27 (GST currently @ 18%) = INR. 177 is deducted
  8. In case of refund of the amount to the customer due to cancellation of the order or non - delivery or poor/ sub-standard / delayed delivery, the total amount is credited back to the customer and service provider has no claim on the amount received against the concerned order.
  9. Monthly Payments/ Payment in phases – For long term & high value contracts, a service provider may allow payment in monthly installments or phases. In such cases, a service provider will create payment points at the start of each month or at the completion of delivery of a certain phase. A long project may be broken into say 4 phases or it can be a monthly payment for say a 12 months long term contract. In such case, a customer will pay for each month or for each phase in advance and work for the second month or on the second phase by the service provider may start only after the receipt of the such payment. In such payment plans, a customer may withdraw the order at the start of any new month or next phase and there will be no further liability or accountability on either side. Completion of each phase works in a similar way as completion of normal independent order works (whereby payment becomes due on the completion of delivery of a phase or the month).

Liabilities & Responsibilities

Users or Customers on Mr Solvo are independent individuals and entities with the Mr Solvo having no control over them except with an option of banning them from the use of the platform upon non adherence to any of the clauses of the Terms & Conditions or Privacy Policy. Hence, Mr Solvo cannot be held responsible for any actions, in-actions, behaviour, conduct, language or intentions of the User, Customers or any third party. As such Service Providers are suggested to keep their checks and controls over the interaction and transaction with the customers as they would do when they are dealing with new customers offline or through any other medium.

The Service Provider understands & acknowledges that he/ she is solely responsible for the consultation, advice, services or trainings provided by them to the customers through Mr Solvo’s platform and Mr Solvo cannot be made a party to any such advice or to the consequential loss or damages arising there from. Mr Solvo only act as a medium to help Service Providers find Customers/ Clients for their services and in no way responsible for the quality, accuracy, correctness or appropriateness of the advice.

End User/purchaser is the client/customer of the Service provider, not of Mr Solvo. Hence, all the procedural, statutory or legal requirements
needed to start or to maintain service provider-Customer relationship has to be fulfilled by the service provider. In no way, this will be an obligation of Mr Solvo.

You shall defend, indemnify, save and hold Mr Solvo, its affiliates, directors, & associates harmless from all demands, liabilities, claims, costs and expenses (actual, consequential or of any other nature) arising out of:

  1. the consultation, services or trainings provided by the Service Provider.
  2. the use, access of or interaction on the website or any content, data or information on the same.
  3. Any downtime on the website for any reason whatsoever.
  4. Your violation of any of these terms or terms of use, privacy policy, infringement of copyright or intellectual property or rights of any third party.
  5. In case of any dispute with any user, customer or any other Service Provider, you forever release Mr Solvo (and its Directors, Managers, Employees, Successors, Assigns, Parent Company, Subsidiaries, Affiliates, Agents) from any and all claims, liabilities and damages of any kind and nature.

For any false information or any unwarranted action, service provider will solely be responsible, and in any case Mr Solvo cannot be made a party for any dispute or for any such occurrences.

No misuse of collected information/ data of customer. No unauthorized access of any unconnected segments of customers computer. Criminal liability if you access any financial or banking data or personal data/ pictures etc of customer.

In case of services, that are delivered personally like that of actors, artists, beauticians, videographers etc the Service Provider would be solely responsible for their travel arrangements, time management, due diligence and their own security & safety as, they would be, in case they accept orders offline through any other source. Mr Solvo cannot guarantee/ authenticate any customer’s behaviour, attitude, environment or intentions and Service Provider must observe appropriate due diligence & care before going for any such delivery. Mr Solvo is not responsible or liable in respect of any such delivery in any respect.

Mr Solvo shall not be liable, and would not be able to change or delete any comments or ratings provided by any of the customers who take any service of the Service Provider, whether justified or not.

Mr Solvo is committed to protect any infringement of copyright or intellectual property rights on the website and if any such infringement is found on the website, Mr Solvo reserves the right to remove such content from the platform without giving any prior notice.

Registering as a Service Provider does not make the Service Provider, Mr Solvo’s employee or partner or agents (unless any such specific contract is entered therein). They cannot bind or enter into any agreement on behalf of Mr Solvo. All Service Providers work as independent contractors and Mr Solvo would not interfere in any operations of the Service Provider nor Service Provider has any right to influence or interfere in the operations of Mr Solvo.

Mr Solvo, its Directors, Managers, Executives, Parent Company, Successors, Subsidiaries, Consultants, And Lawyers, can in no event be held liable or responsible for any direct or indirect damages or losses (punitive, consequential, incidental, business, data, profit or revenue, exemplary or any other) which may arise out of:

  • Consultation, service, advice, or training provided by the Service Provider.
  • Unauthorized access by any Service Provider, Customer or third party of your computer, mobile, bank account, personal data with or without the unauthorized access to or through the use of our secure server.
  • Use of or inability to use the website.
  • Any malware, trojans, viruses, ransomware, bugs, intrusion attempts etc arising through or out of interaction with any other user or third party on the website.
  • Any data, information, image or content on the website which may be incorrect, improper or inaccurate.
  • Any illegal, defamatory or abusive conduct of any user, customer or third party.
  • Any other act, omission, error arising out of or through the website or its use to which Mr Solvo does not support, allow or recommend under any of the specified terms directly, indirectly or implied.

General/ Others terms

These terms for Service Providers are to be read along with the guidelines & terms laid down for all users:

Query and clarification about any terms and condition mentioned herein or not covered herein must be sought for before opting for Mr Solvo platform. Once opted, all terms and conditions as laid down by Mr Solvo governing body will be final with no authority to challenge by anyone.

Whole Agreement - These Terms along with other terms of Use, Privacy Policy or any other terms/ policies mentioned on Mr Solvo’s Website, shall constitute the entire agreement between the Service Provider and Mr Solvo. If any clause of the Terms & Conditioned is deemed invalid by the court, the invalidity of such clause shall not affect the validity of the remaining clauses of the Terms & Conditions, which shall remain in full force and effect.

In case any point is not covered herein, service provider may seek clarification instead of opting for Mr. Solvo’s service in assumption.

These terms & conditions and instructions are subject to change and may be updated from time to time without any intimation or approval and the same will be updated on the website. Such changes would not require re-acceptance from the Service Provider and terms listed on the website at any point of time will be considered as final and acceptable, though an intimation regarding the change may be sent to the service providers, if deemed fit. If any Service Provider has any concern regarding any change, they may contact Mr Solvo’s team and in case of non-acceptance of the revised terms they may remove their profile from the platform.

All disputes, if arises must be sorted out mutually. We recommend you to share an email if issue remains unresolved and we at Mr Solvo will try our level best to give you best possible resolution. In any exceptional circumstances, such disputes are subject to legal jurisdiction of Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India only.